This project is a collaboration between three intermedia students who were tasked with exploring the topic of ‘aspiration’. Their similar experiences and interests led them to delve into children’s aspirations.

Do you remember what kind of dreams you had?

You wake up & it’s a perfect sunny day. You get into your favorite outfit, all ready for school. You head straight to the library, looking for your favorite book. As you walk into deeper into the aisle, an odd sound softly echoes through your ears. Being the curious person you are, you follow the sound and there appears a beautiful, magical fairy. Waving her shiny little wand in the air, she asks:

If you had one wish… What would it be?

One crispy and breezy Wednesday morning the week of Easter, we got together our filming and recording equipment and headed off to interview those kids about their dreams and reminisce about our own time in elementary school.

First, we sat down with them a room with a long drawing table and a small doorway to in indoor, padded gym room. The kids were so well behaved and attentive at first. They sat down and we asked them that if a fairy came to grant them a wish… any wish… what would it be? We gave them big paper, colors and all the time they needed. After the eight students finished, we took them back to the class to prepare to interview them.

We tested light and sound in a library space and then invited them in each individual to tell us about their work. They sat down and were very nervous about being on camera. After overcoming some minor technical difficulties and realizing the kids were kind of nervous about being on camera, we managed to problem solve and work with the kids to get them to feel comfortable opening up.

The day felt like a great success especially considering our earlier uneasiness about finding kids to interview. The content harvest was plentiful and we now had ourselves 8 hi-def scans of drawings, almost an hour of interview footage and videos of kids revealing their deepest desires and shuffling papers a little too loudly.

This is what the kids had to say about their only wish...


My wish is that the cat comes home. At the moment it lives at our neighbour’s house because my brother pulled her tail. My And my other cat was run over by a car. I tried giving her treats so that she comes back, but I think she thinks I’m evil like my brother.


My wish is to see the Easter bunny in real life because I watched a movie yesterday and saw that the Easter bunny hide eggs. I want to see him but I don’t know if he really exists.


I want to have a robot ehm... robot... robot dog. It can do anything but, there are things you can’t do. Like bringing some eating and some drinking and cutting everything. When you can’t open your pocket you just cut it with the knife and the saw is for old wood. It is round and has spikes. It can fly, shoot laser and give things to humans and protect them.

And it can make animal sounds, animal languages like dog, cats and dolphins, lions and bees and cats. And it can shoot laser beams out of the eyes and biting and make legs longer and smaller and there is a remote control to control it. It will protect animals and other people. It can make the head really long and put it back again.


My wish is to meet Lara... We'll be together forever.


I drew money rain because you can buy anything with money. I want to buy more Legos with the money, and build a colourful table to eat on. I am a lego expert.


The Ninja I drew is a leader Ninja called Lloyd from a movie I like. I also want to be a leader. I gave it some superpowers, swords and I also drew grenades though a ninja doesn’t normally have them.


I want to be a fairy because they can conjure. I want to conjure books cause I like reading.

I also want to build a house out of ice for everyone in my family. My mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt...and uncle. When I build the house I will bake for them.

Just one cake. One cake to share.


I drew money rain because you can buy anything you like with money. I would like to get a drone, trampoline and a remote-controlled big car.

With the money, I want to make my family happy. Happier than they are now.

Final Film

The goal of our video project is remind viewers about their dreams from childhood and see how far they have come. We want the video to leave the audience with an impression of naive fantasies.

We came across this topic during discussions our group had about aspirations and how they change with age. As people grow up, they become aware of the gap that exists between our aspirations and the realities that hold us back from pursuing the endless possibilities we imagined as a kid. We hope to re-spark the innocence and youth concealed and hiding within our adult selves and to remind the audience that dreams don’t have to always be something taken seriously. They can be a space for the imagination to run free.