Cliche Wars

a brutaly honest game.

What's it all about?

The goal of Stage&Elements is to implement one theme into different media. The semester is divided into three big blocks. We already finished the first block: Print. Our team, called "All or Nothing", got the theme: Humor. So we decided to work with cliches. There are truly many cliches around in every culture and social structures but the most of them are completely ridiculous and totally wrong. Read on to see how we implemented our theme into the a print product and staye tuned for the following VR and Video blocks of Stage&Elements!

The Project

Our idea was to create a fun card game wich shows some of the stupidest clishes and mainly the truth behind them. We decided to work with three different types of cliches. We used cliches about ethnics, sexes and professions. The goal of the game is to give people a possibility to explore some of the most famous cliches in a fun way and learn something new while playing it. We want show the world that cliches are only cliches and not the truth!

The Process


First step was to research the hard facts behind the cliches. It took a lot of time to search through many statistics, literature and articles to proof that the cliches are wrong. At the same time the half of our group started to work on the first drafts of our design and creating the rules of the game. We orientated our game on some famous card games like Yu Gi Oh. We created some funny attack and defense strategies for our cliches and personified them. As we got all the "components" for our game togheter we just had to put the informations into our finished card design. The cards will come with an extra booklet which will contain the rules of the game and the true facts behind the cliches.


The second block is the virtual reality stage. In this block we are trying to extend our card game with some AR or VR elements to give the player interactive information about the cliches. We are also thinking about different ways to play game maybe with some AR components. Stay tuned!

Lukas Müller

CEO and the brain of the project.

Michael Sauter

Sidekick No. 1

Matthias Dietrich

Sidekick No. 2

Nicholas Veerhoff

Sidekick No. 3


Here are some examples of our playing cards!

First prototype of the VR Stage

Here is a short video about our first prototype of our interactive version of the card game.

Technical Guide

Bootstrap 4 Dokumentation