I am head of the Energy Systems and Components research group of the Energy Research Center, at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

My main research interest is the development of energy management algorithms for thermal and electrical systems and components. The main fields of my research are autonomous demand side management of energy storage systems, demand response, system dynamics, distribution grid simulation, integration of renewables, and electric vehicle - grid interaction.

Special Issue on Modern Computational Methods for Flexibility Control in MDPI Energies

Modern Computational Methods for Flexibility Control

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite your contributions to the Energies Special Issue “Modern Computational Methods for Flexibility Control”. In the past decade, load and demand side management for energy systems has increased in complexity due to the growing importance of elements with uncertainties. Thermal or electrothermal storage systems provide potential flexibilities to shift the loads. At the same time, smart devices and smart grids provide access to more data than before, which fosters utilization of these flexibilities to schedule their deployment.

In other fields, such dynamic and uncertain systems are successfully tackled with methods from the field of Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning. These methods may be able to provide robust solutions, more adaptive systems, and can work in large data-driven environments.

This Special Issue therefore invites contributions that investigate the use of such methods for dealing with flexibility control problems within energy and power systems. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Optimization and control of flexibilities; Demand side management; Load and power grid management; Prediction for prices or demands; Application of Evolutionary Computation or Machine Learning.

Dr. Steffen Finck & Dr. Peter Kepplinger (Guest Editors)


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