About me

My name is Emily Loitz and I study InterMedia at the FH Vorarlberg (4th semester). My interests are mainly in the field of graphic design and photography. After my studies I definitely want to work in this field.

My career goal is to become the art director of a fashion magazine. I already have a little bit of practical design experience. Some of these work projects are listed below.


Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe Indesign 70%
Adobe Illustrator 50%
Premiere Pro 60%


My latest Projects.


Schlafhaus Dornbirn / April 2021

Merci Templates

WiNett / February 2021

Business Cards (Conradino)

Katholische Kirche Vorarlberg / May 2021

Questionnaire for flyer

Good Life Sports / November 2020


SocialMediaGuys / October 2020

Good Life Phsyio Logo

Good Life Physio / March 2021